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Advanced Rejuvenation - Sydney, Australia


Located in Bondi Junction!!


So what did we do?! I had a facial for I think the first time! It felt so nice! But I honestly learnt so much. I know you should stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen to protect your skin, but I never thought about using skincare products as preventative care - just as though we go to the gym and eat well to protect your bodies and make them strong - why not do the same for our skin?! I know it makes total sense, but for someone who has always had fairly clear skin I never thought much about it.

Jacinta started with the Bio White Peel


  • lighten & brighten uneven/dull skin tones and pigmentation

  • High in vitamin C and peptides

  • Stimulates cellular turnover while protecting your facial collagen and elastin

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Hydrating

PS. There are a ton of different types of facials!! This one was just the best fit for me because of my freckles (pigmentation). There’s something for everyone!

Afterwards Jacinta did my brows, I have never gotten my brows done before so that was cool to see how it works! Now I know how people get them so perfect!!



It is a specialized technique that blends together a series of brow styling methods including tinting, waxing, threading and tinting to give you the HD effect as opposed to the traditional wax and eyebrow pluck which could leave you will less shaped and with less brow.

^^ Which makes Sky a happy camper!

Click here for more info!

I am not someone to do makeup, so to have my lashes and brows tinted just makes the world a better place. I can literally say “I woke up like this” ;)

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