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Day 1 - London

Well Good Morning Friends!

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So it is Day 1/ Day 2 but I consider yesterday as my travel day! It took me 2 flights, 3 trains, and 22.5 hours. But I made it!! I arrived at Catherine's place at 4pm yesterday, she's the cutest, I came home to paints and paint brushes laid out on the floor. Cat painted a friendly shark and I started to paint a colourful Elephant. I realized about half way through that I had been travelling for almost 24 hours and thought I should probably have a shower.. So I continued to do so, then we got some groceries. Cat was explaining to me how you have bag your groceries and they make you feel so pressured to go fast. I was laughing about that so when I got to the cashier, by this point I was starting to feel a bit delusional because I maybe slept about 3 hours on the flight. Anyways so when I was at the cashier I was packing extra fast as a joke, cat and I were laughing, although when the cashier had finished ringing me in she no joke just stared at me until I finished packing my bags. Cat had warned me!! Honestly you had to be there to feel how intense the situation was. There are some wackos on the street but there are also some pretty cool people!! Afterwards we came home, unpacked, made dinner, and I passed out around 8:30pm..

I woke up at 12:30am, Cat was still awake, she was telling me about her neighbour directly across from her. How they both see each other laying in bed sometimes, and she's not sure if he has a job because sometimes he's out all day and other times he lays in bed all day... So we decided to say IH (HI) in sticky notes.. at 1am. He was on his computer on his bed till about 2am.. then he got up and left! Quite curious to where he went at 2 in the morning.. So far we have had no response..

I finally fell back asleep at about 2:30am, and got up at 9:30am. I made myself some tea and eggs while I read The Power of Positive Thinking. I called my Madre to let her know I'm safe and sound. Cat got up around 11 (we're not sure why she's jet lagged!?) Anyways we are doing some writing, had a bit of a slow morning, getting used to the time change, then we are to go for a stroll around the neighbourhood! And meet Cats new friend named Misha! She's apparently very sweet and from Oregon, US. Or perhaps all go to Ibo's and make dinner! Can't wait to see Drew and Ibo.. great kids.

Sometimes I'm not sure about us...


Cat and I went for a little adventure around town, still a little tired today so we watched a movie/made dinner/lunch, and stopped for a mid-movie bubble tea. We're watching Mother's Day, honestly SO funny, then we'll be headed to Ibo's soon enough. On our adventure we stopped into SkinnyDipLondon and there was a photo machine so we thought why not! We took a couple shots then cat did a little flash and the lady in the back was uhhh... giving us a bit of a stare. So that was that!

Now Cat just asked "What should we name our neighbour" I laughed, "Because I want to be able to say, 'Hey, Paul has red blinds now.'" Which is true, he also has purple lights which is pretty dope. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

Currently searching up flights to surprise places because they're so cheap!! Man oh man wish I was here for longer!

xo See ya tomorrow

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