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Day 16 - Paris

Nov 3, 2017

Woke up, Angelina went down to a Cafe and got us some fresh coisants. We got ready and made our way to The Louvre. TO THE LOUVRE!!! Last time when I was here with Taish and tal we literally said that whenever we were going anywhere. Since I only had one croisannt and Cat had nothing, we were just so tired and I have barely been drinking any water, and I usually drink SO much water.. So we were exhausted once we got into the Louvre, but before we bought tickets. So we met Misha and decided to go to a cafe and grab something to eat.

Again with the waiters!!!! Except this one was about 50.. He literally kept calling me his love, and smiling and staring.. no shame I tell you. Then when he came over with the bill he no joke tried to kiss me on the lips, and I dodged it so he kissed my chin. It wasn't just a peck he literally help the back of my head and continued to kiss my chin... I guess I like pushed him off so then he fell into the door, and was still smiling!! Literally made a scene, tbh it was all a blur. Afterwards Cat and Misha asked me if I was okay it was that uncomfortable... These french men I tell you!! It was pretty funny just because it was like really did that just happen...

We walked to The Roden, an outdoor museum/ the most beautiful garden.

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