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Day 22 - Switzerland

Thursday, Nov 9, 2017

We woke up at 4:45am. I took a quick shower, and made our way to the tube to get to Victoria station to meet Drew/train to Gatwick airport. Obviously once we got off the train and walked up to the station I asked Drew where his bag was and he literally booked it back to the train to get it. He made it then redeemed himself inside the airport... We made it though!!! GO TEAM!

Oh my so Cat and Drew got seated together, and I was in the middle of these two guys. Luckily there were empty rows so the guy in the aisle and I went to our own row. He ended up talking to me the entire time, literally telling me everything. The stories were insane, I don't know whats appropriate to say on here or not... but yeah. The kid didn't even know my name until we got off the plane and I introduced him to Cat and Drew then said my name because he never actually asked it. But I could tell you his name, age, lives on the seaside in the country. Where his past 2 girlfriends live, what he does for work, how often he works; what he does in his free time; what is EDC is (everyday carry) ... a gun.. this kid literally had crazy stories. What else, oh what his entire weekend looks like. Anyways it was an interesting plane ride. We hopped on the train to Montreux (he found us and sat next to us!)

It was only a 10 minute walk from the train to the Fairmont. It is the most beautiful Fairmont, man oh man are we blessed.

Went out to find some food, got groceries because it's insanely expensive here!! But the chocolate is UNREAL!!!

Came home, WENT TO THE GYM!!! I was SO happy. Its a sick gym too! Finally got some sprints in, felt so good. Then pool and hot tub, showered up, went out for more food/walk around. Drew was literally pacing so I thought I'd do him a favour and let him massage me. He actually said yes!! I was so happy.. I ask Cat no joke every night and she never gives in :( I am such a massage fein. Now we are back in bed doing some work on the computers.. we're all super exhausted from travelling so probably will be an early night and rise and grind in the AM!

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