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Day 5 - London

Here comes my OCD...

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Monday, October 23, 2017 The Plan... 7:45 Wake up 8 Write 8:15 workout 8:45 Shower 9 Breakfast 9:30 Get ready for day 10 Hyde Park (westbound piccadilly line) 10:30 Kensington Palace - It wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I 11 Science Museum 1:30 Covent Garden (piccadilly Line) 4:30 British Museum 5:30 Groceries 7 St. Paul's Cathedral/ London Bridge

Actual Day... 9:15 - Wake up - whoops....

10:05 - Hyde Park - Such a beautiful park, its massive! Cat and I got Hot Chocolates with expresso otherwise known as a 'Mocha'. We played in leaves because its Fall and what else would you be doing. Cat had to pee really badly so I encouraged her to go in a tree/bush thing. It was a really cool tree. Although she actually couldn't, I told her to get over her fear. For those of you who don't know me on that personal of a level... I have gotten very comfortable with going anywhere need be because I have been told I have a bladder the size of a peanut. Literally 2 minutes later we found washrooms... lol

11:30 - Kensington Palace - The actually Palace wasn't what I was expecting. It wasn't one big palace, it was a bunch of smaller buildings. The garden was absolutely gorgeous though!

12 - Science Museum - Nuggets everywhere!!!!! Literally there were so many kids. There were a ton of cool concepts!

1:30 - Le Pain Cafe - Cat wanted a Matcha Latte

2 - Tube to Covent Garden - The tube is actually insanely busy... you gotta get a bit physical to get on that train. JK but you seriously do need to squeeze in.

2:30 - Bella Italia for lunch in Covent Garden - We both got margarita pizzas .. again sorry mum

3:30 - Picked up a postcard to send to my darling Grandmother <3

4 - British Museum - We both put our headphones in and went to town. Life is just so much better with music.

4:45 - Walked home

5 - WRITING THIS!! ITS 5:25 THIS VERY MINUTE!!, I will write again later tonight to keep ya posted with the rest of the day. But so far were are right on schedule which I love!! I am such a planner.. You should see my day planner, I literally plan my days by 15 minute intervals. I find when things are planned and written down it just happens. You know in your head that you have somewhere to be at a specific time and you make it happen. You don't waste ANY time. I am very passionate about how valuable time is. I always feel a sense of urgency. I really do try to relax sometimes.. I even schedule it in so I make sure to take that time for myself. But somehow Im happy so what else matters. Realistically you are dying a little bit more everyday, so I really drive that 'live everyday like its your last'. OK BRB its 5:31pm so cat and I are running 1 minute late!!! Will resume when I'm back.

6:15 - Made dinner, I made quite a bit of food so I have some for other days. Its nutritious and delicious! I cooked onions, broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts, beans, made some rice, added lime zest & juice, salt & pepper, and Siracha! Then I add fresh avocado when I'm ready to eat it. Such an easy recipe and you're sure to get all the good stuff in when you don't feel like cooking up a storm. I usually add more veggies but the pan is a bit small her.

8:30 - We were a bit tired from our day so we didn't end up going to St. Paul's Cathedral to see it lit up, but it's super close to where Drew lives so we can do that any night. Instead Misha came over! Cats new friend from Portland. Great Girl. Were going to go to Future tomorrow which should be a blast and a half.

12- Went to bed... whoops, really gotta get my sleeping back on point!


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