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Miami Art Week - Day 3

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Oh my gosh everyday is so abundant. I am exhausted yet exuberant. We started with the Pulse Art Fair Preview Brunch. There was some pretty cool art, we met a local and she mentioned that Miami Art Week was her favourite week in Miami! We strategically talk to everyone, Taish takes one side, I take the other, Mum goes down the middle. Team Work!

Afterwards we went for lunch, we forget to eat here because we are so excited then get so tired and remember it’s because we have not really eaten yet.

Next we went to Scope. I loved Scope, the art was great. We spent basically half the day here. Met a husband for Taish! .. ha ha just kidding, but mum was not! The guy was hilarious. So many people interested in Art Vancouver especially since it is such a beautiful city. We tried to go to Untitled after but it was just closing.

We walked straight over to Aqua, by this time is was 7pm, and it closed at 9. So I went to get smoothies and Taish and Lisa went in and I met them shortly after. Again, so many great responses about Art Vancouver.

Finally we went for dinner at a Poke place. It was 10pm, which we all know is way past my bedtime, so something quick and healthy was perfect.

Quickly writing this, get ready for bed, and then rest up for our final day tomorrow! We realistically need the whole weekend to go to all of the shows, but we couldn’t push Taiwan back any further so here we are. All is well in the world.

Night night.




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