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"The Untethered Soul" By: Michael A.Singer - Book Review

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

An open mind is what you need in order to read this book. It has a fantastic perspective on consciousness and the awareness of one's consciousness. It's nice because it's new info. It's a new perspective to me and makes so much sense. I have started to step back and observe my thoughts differently. It is quite comforting and empowering.

All these books that basically say you're responsible for everything are so empowering because you just realize it all truly is in your head. It's how you perceive everything. I thought I was a pretty aware person but I was still getting sucked in by the thinker in my mind, I am now learning how to step back even more, and simple experience every moment instead of getting stuck in it by overthinking anything. It is a work in progress absolutely but it's a start. I'm excited to try out this new perspective for myself.

I heard a friend saying he thought it was a bit woo-woo, which yes it technically is but it also feels like truth to me. As a society, we're so trained to think one way, it's simply a new perspective on being alive and beautiful. It's our choice, how we go about life and I think the main issue is that we are unaware of other ways to perceive and reflect on life.

The gist of it is to let go. Which we hear oh so often, and I constantly strive to let go a little more, which is extremely difficult for me. I am a high achiever and always plan and am in control of most things. This book actually explains how I can let go, which is precisely what I needed.

Give it a read.. it won't bite ;)

  • the flow of words brought a sense of peace to the heart, mind, and soul.

  • "This above all: to thine own self be true." pg.3

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