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Our story takes place in 2020, where we meet the CEO of a company who is an artist with a dream of empowering others. We are intrigued by the idea of building a holistic community and we learn that she has been working in this space for 12 years already. We follow her story as she talks about how she founded the company, what the company does, and why they care about holistic wellness and personal development.

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At SKY LILAH we recognize the importance of empowering others and work to fully unlock one’s potential using the tools below:

  • Implementing a strategic plan to help people take ownership over their life 

  • Encouraging our clients to design their dream life and make it a reality

  • Empowering people to do what is necessary - routines and habits they need to possess - to live their best life

  • Instilling confidence in one’s self while simultaneously striving toward bettering themselves


Our vision is to empower individuals worldwide by fostering personal growth and cultivating a mindset of gratitude and presence. Through internal workshops conducted in schools and corporate environments, we aim to equip people with the tools to set meaningful and effective goals. Our mission is to inspire individuals to lead purposeful lives, embracing gratitude, mindfulness, and proactive goal-setting. By instilling a sense of empowerment, we envision a world where people confidently navigate their journeys, achieving success and fulfillment through intentional living.

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