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Sky Lilah is a Vancouver native, with a passion for health and wellness. A natural born artist and entrepreneur, with over nine years of experience in both the creative and entrepreneurial space.

Beginning with her first exhibit in 2014, she has strived to continuously grow and challenge herself as an up and coming female artist. Sky attended Queen's University, afterwards switching focusses to pursue a path in holistic nutrition. Being a passionate learner, Sky pursued multiple designations as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, spin instructor, and sports performance specialist.

Her experience in the health and fitness industry guided her towards a shift in focus from the physical body to the core of what motivates us to achieve our goals, the mind. After moving to Sydney, Australia in 2018, she found that anything she set her mind to, she achieved. All she had to do was know where she wanted to go and the opportunity presented itself.

Through personal development, she realized how few people think about what they truly want in life, and how easy it is to slip into a routine that satisfies the expectations of society. From these learnings, she compiled all the knowledge she obtained into a physical guidebook, “Master Your Mindset Workbook”, to help others achieve their dreams as authentically as possible.

Sky established a company in 2020, “SKY LILAH”, with a mission to empower people to live up to their fullest potential. By providing a diverse ecosystem of high performance tools and resources, her clients are able to reach their goals using a holistic approach. Her methods combine a modern approach technology with results driven spiritual practice. Sky believes we create our reality. Not through wishful thinking, but with strategy, daily habits, and the power of our own thoughts. Additionally, she continues to teach online yoga classes, as she's found that yoga and fitness is an anchor in her daily routine.

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