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What you'll receive
Master your Mindset physical copy:

  •  68 Page Workbook
  • Ring Coil Bound
  • 7.5"x10"

1 Complimentary Coaching session with Sky Lilah to support you on your journey

6 Month follow up 


About the Book

Embark on a transformative journey with this personal development book, meticulously crafted into four empowering parts:

1. Awareness: Explore the depths of self-discovery and gain a profound understanding of who you are.

2. Dreams & Goals: Unleash the power of your aspirations, learning to set meaningful goals that align with your true self.

3. Bridge the Gap: Navigate the path from where you currently stand to where you aspire to be, bridging the gap between your present and future self.

4. Game Plan: Equip yourself with a strategic roadmap, discovering not only how to reach your destination but also how to sustain and thrive in your newfound success.


This book is your guide to becoming aware of your true potential, defining your dreams and goals, bridging the gap between them, and crafting a robust game plan for lasting personal development.

Master Your Mindset Workbook

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