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2018 Book List

Here are the books that I read throughout 2018. I have linked the title to the highlights that I took away from each book.

My goal was to read 24 new books although I was not on top of myself about it until mid summer and I was leaving to Australia in September…

10 pages a day and you can power through any book.

2017 my Goal was to read 12 new books. One a month - I achieved that. 2018 my goal was to read 24 new books. That was too big of a jump and I only got through 11.

2019 my goal is to read 18 new books. The key to goal setting it to make it realistic although still reaching for something. You want your goals to push you instead of being easily achievable. We will see how I do with 18, then probably 24 for 2020.

2018 Books

  1. “Power” - Michael Korda

  2. “Stress” - Walter McQuade + Ann Aikman

  3. “Freedom To Be” - Everett Shostrom

  4. “The Magic of Thought” - Gary R. Robertson

  5. “Outliers” - Malcolm Gladwell

  6. “The War of Art” - Steve Pressfield

  7. “Audition” - Michael Shurtleff

Enjoy!! Hopefully the highlights make you want to read the whole thing! Please comment any suggestions for new books! xo Sky

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