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Bondi To Byron ** NEW PRODUCTS Review!

@bonditobyron Everything smells so good I literally want to eat it!!

Coconut Lip Balm - I use it every night and every morning, I keep it on my bedside table! It’s the kind that actually nourishes your skin. It feels my skin feeling more hydrated instead of even more dependent on lip balm. *This has lasted me months!! Will probably last a year.

Charcoal Soap - Foamy, slightly exfoliating, makes my skin feel so soft. *Used it everyday and still lasted months as well.

Mango Coconut Sugar Scrub - Ok I actually want to eat this one. Firstly it smells soooo good. My skin feels so clean and soft afterwards. My skin is usually pretty dry in vancouver, but when I get out of the shower after using this it feels like I’ve already put moisturizer on. *Didn’t last as long as the others, but only because it smelt so good, and I used it all over my body quite often.

Lime & Coconut Bath Bomb - It fell apart basically once it hit the water, but it still left my body feeling amazing and moisturized which most other bath bombs do not.

PS. There’s international shipping ;)

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