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Nayelle Skin Care

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

For about the past 2 months I have been using Nayelle Skin Care.

I usually don't use any skin care because I don't like the chemicals in them. I literally use coconut oil for anything and everything. Although now that I've been using Nayelle everyday I'm obsessed.. I thought I had good skin but no joke my skin is SO much softer! Usually it gets really dry in the winter months but I've been fine so far. I only thought I would try Nayelle because it has no chemicals, all the ingredients are natural and organic, and "bio-actively" available to the skin!


Nayelle is full of probiotics! I love to get probiotics because in this day and age we can never have enough. I had never thought about getting them from skin care but our skin is our biggest organ so why not! It's honestly amazing.

Their ingredients:

  • vitamins

  • peptides

  • antioxidants

  • essential fatty 3-6-9- acids

  • organic acids

  • minerals

  • firms skin

  • promotes collagen + elastin

  • over 60+ minerals and vitamins

  • Moisturizing

  • Boosts immunity in cell systems

  • Highest source of Vit. D

  • Will not clog pores

  • Will not cause any allergic reactions

  • Safely used around the eyes and on the skin

  • Rich in Vitamin E and many other natural minerals

  • Antioxidant preventing damage from free radicals

  • Provide excellent antimicrobial properties


In the morning after I brush my teeth and wash my face I put on Hydrate, it is a moisturizing day cream full of probiotics, and the rest of the ingredients - I just mention probiotics so much because that is what stands out most to be because I know how important they are and that we don't get enough of them!

Before bed I wash my face with Cleanse, I only need a little dab, then use my finger tips and rub in an upwards motion. I honestly scrub until my skin is a little pink, just because then I feel like its really getting in there. What I also love about this cleanser is that its a mild cleanser, and for someone who doesn't often wear make up I don't need heavy duty stuff. After I apply 1 pump of Rejuvenate, the anti-aging face cream. At first I thought I don't need anti-aging, but then like any health care, preventative is the best! So why not be extra prepared!

Every once in awhile I put on the Purify Clay face mask. It's so fun I love it! It really makes my skin feel sooo soft and hydrated afterwards.

Message me if you have any questions about the products! I genuinely love everything about this brand! If not for yourself, I know I would love to get this as a gift, so give the gift of beautiful skin!

Use the code SKYLA20 for 20% off!!

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