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The 5 AM Club - Robin Sharma

This book was absolutely fantastic. One of my favourite books. I enjoyed how it was written, and all the tips and tricks it offers. Strongly suggest you read these points, and even the whole book if you can.

Chapter 2: A Daily Philosophy on Becoming Legendary

  • Life’s too short to play small with your talents

  • One that can make you an empire-builder along with a world-changer. And perhaps even a history-maker.

  • Ideas are worth nothing unless backed by application. The smallest of implementations is always worth more than the grandest of intentions.

  • regular reinvention

  • dedication as deep asm the sea to leaving harbours of safety, daily.

  • World-class begins when your comfort zone ends is a rule the successful, the influential and the happiest always remember.

  • Becoming legendary is never easy.

  • The place where your greatest discomfort lies is also the spot where your largest opportunity lives.

Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter with a Surprising Stranger

  • Warren Buffett, the brilliant investor, said the rich invest in time. The poor invest in money.