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Australia Day 1 - September 17-19, 2018

Soooo Yes… Day 1 consists of 3 days!

I left Vancouver September 17th, at 11:50pm.. so basically the 18th, then I just arrived to Australia and it’s the 19th over here!

So far an amazing day, I got lucky with an empty seat next to me, the lady on the other side just had back surgery so she laid down the majority of the time but still had some extra space so that was nice! I tried to pack light… but I’m here for so long and had paintings and stuff for Linda soooo! Yes I had quite a few bags.

Linda picked me up from the airport around 9am. Took me home, I unpacked my stuff! She turned her dining room into a bedroom for me which was so so kind!!

I had a quick snack, she dropped me at Bondi then went to work - first things first obviously I had to go into the water. I walked around the beach for a bit to familiarize myself, picked up sunscreen - saw the outdoor gym!!! (basically just bars, but I have been looking forward to working out there for MONTHS!) so yes Im pumped!

I found a nice little table in the shade - clearing space on my computer so I can edit viddsss for you babies! Cant wait to get them going out daily. I just got Final Cut Pro so I need to learn how to use that, but once I do then I’m sure it will be much faster!

Still sitting on the bench, will probably walk over to grab a smoothie then head home to change so I can go for a run!!! I have been looking forward to this run for ages. It is so incredibly beautiful here, it feels like home. (Don’t worry mum and taish I will come back!!!) Will need to get some groceries/ food tonight, and look up gyms for me to work at as an instructor!

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback don’t be shy to share!!!

Alright, picked up a smoothie on my way home, had a shower, little apple and peanut butter, journal, Linda made some chick peas and broccoli for dinner which was super nice, and I passed out by 7:30pm :) XO

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