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Travel Day Thoughts: France to Germany. There She Goes. Courage & Gratitude.

Nov 9. 2022

Holy.. it's been a few years since I've done one of these types of blogs. There's something different about my thought process when I'm travelling alone. I am more reflective and introspective as opposed to when I am at home I am go go go, focussed on work, friends, family, fitness, life.

Travelling is just a different type of go go go, you're still busy running around all day, it might drain your body but it recharges your soul.

It amazes me how easy it is to get stuck in a routine. Don't get me wrong I love routines, I seriously love and miss my routine. However, there is so much of the world to see and its easy to forget about it. It really is work to travel, it's work to book a trip and figure out your journey. And money, lol what a concept.

Anyways. Today I went from Paris Est -> Karlsruhe Hbf -> Stuttgart Hbf -> Muenchen Hbf (Munich) will explore for a few hours. The off to Nuerngerg Hbf where cousin Josh lives!! So excited to explore a smaller town while he is living there otherwise not sure when I would go there. It's also such an amazing feeling to see family while you're away. Josh has been over here for yearssss. I remember he could come back to Canada I swear for a few days then back to backpacking again. A true travel bug.

I asked a lady on the first train about the seating, and how lucky for me we were both going to Munich so she helped me the whole way! I asked her name and she said "Sema" and I said "Sky" and she said how did you know? I thought what... She said Sky in Turkish is Sema. I thought wow what are the odds were both named Sky... Crazy how the world works. It's so phenomenal. And it is a type of dance as well. It is actually quite easy to travel on your own, you meet people so easily and everyone is extremely helpful!

Germany is stunning so far. Looks exactly how I imagine. It's so important to explore the world, but the more I do the smaller it feels and everything starts to look the same. Obviously it's different, but same same but different you know what I mean. People are people, the foundation is all the same just slightly different but still so fascinating.

You feel so alive when you don't know what you're doing or where you're going. It is so humbling to be in a new country and not speak their language. I feel a little guilty, I wish I knew more languages, which is very inspiring and I will start practicing now that I see myself living in Europe. I feel at home I am so confortable and confident with my surroundings and what I do, I have to actively keep my ego in place, as I'm sure lots of people let their ego get ahead of themselves although when you're travelling, not on your own "territory" I find you're automatically humbled.

Especially travelling alone. Try it. You really need to do it. It is so empowering and it never gets old. Obviously sometimes I wish I had someone with me, experiences are meant to be shared with others. Although I find I always choose the hard way. I wanted to be alone, to force myself to figure it out on my own, then once I've done that I can come back with friends or family. Haha is that messed up? I thought it would obviously be fun to have a friend with me, and I could have waited for someone or tried to convienne them to come, but I thought that would not have as much of a long term benefit to my personal growth. Classic all about personal growth. You know I love it so much. I just keep trying to push myself to constantly let go of the version of who I am today and elevate myself to a higher vibrational being. However, something I am working on is allowing myself to just chill a bit, have a little more fun and stop pushing so hard to be extraordinary. I know "I'm enough just as I am" it's not that I don't feel worthy, just to be clear - its more about how much value I put on life and want to make it as extraordinary as possible while I'm here. I'm just an extreme person that's it. Don't take that in the wrong way, trust me I am v confident with who I am, but while I'm here I'd like to make a splash ;) It really does feel like there is already a blueprint of my life. I constantly feel a burning desire and drive within me - so my challenge is to sit back a little more often.

So yes, I swung the other way this trip. My whole life is SO organized I needed to surrender my control. So this trip I am still booking everything. I really only know the next few days of where I'm staying, then while I was on the train an hour ago I was looking up things to do in Munich (which I'm going to right now). It's exhilarating living SO in the moment. I also simply did not have time to plan this trip before I left, I was extremely busy. So it is what it is. And I am loving it.

I dare you to just go. Figure it out when you get there. Don't stress so much, or do! And see that either way it all works out. So many people over the past month have told me how chill, cool, tranquil I am. It's like yeah why not? What's the point in being so uptight? I read once that plan B distracts from plan A. People who are stressed are always focussing on the plan B in case plan A doesn't workout. Honestly, I don't even allow a plan B to exist in my life. Then it doesn't create the timeline for that to become a possibility. It is always plan A, and if there is a detour = that's simply all it is, and not even a detour, it is all meant to be exactly how it is! I think it's hard for people to comprehend this thought process. It's hard because it's scary. You have to completely trust in the Universe, but when you do my oh my does it ever take you for a a ride.

Idk im just cruising through life. My past lifetimes have already climbed the hills, and I thank my soul for that. Lol she's spiritual. I still work hard when the opportunities present themselves. Although life is what you believe it to be. I believe it to be beautiful, full of growth, and am always in the flow and present moment. Let go of any negative beliefs about life. I'm not even going to write examples because I don't even want to have that thought.


Peace and love to you chicken nuggys each and everyday of your souls experience.

Last but not least. Courage and Gratitude. Those are my top 2 values that I live my life by. They help me take action to do the things that scare me, and remind me of what's most important in life. I still do my daily routine. It may not seem like much, but its honest work. Lol jk, but really it has long term benefits. Trust me on this one. If you do not have a journal. Please please, gift yourself a journal. I believe it to be the most powerful thing. If you're not sure what to do or how to start journallying just ask! I owe a lot of my life to my morning routine. And obviously my parents duh. Best fam in the world bless their souls. <3

Love to you always



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