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Vancouver: Things To Do At Home & Outside During COVID-19

Nov 25. 2020

Local activities to do this Holiday Season | Vancouver

I know it’s a strange time, and travel might seem as something of the past for awhile, however, there are still lots of (safe) things to do locally to get that dose of adventure. Vancouver

  • Museums

  • Art Gallery

  • Shopping

    • Local holiday gifts are the best thing to do right now, be sure to bring a mask and be safe!

    • Park Royal

    • Pacific Centre

    • Metro Town

    • Boutique stores to support local businesses!!

West Vancouver

  • Dundarave Christmas Trees:

    • As I went for a little Seawall walk I saw the community setting up their own Christmas tress with the Sponsors name in front. They are cute little ones, it will be nice to see them all decorated differently.

    • This is right on the water so you can combine it with a walk, a little play on the playground (if it stays open) or if you’re feeling daring… an Ocean Dip.


  • Day trip or overnight to whistler

  • Porteau cove for the sunset

  • Explore Whytecliff Park

  • Deep-cove for a stroll

  • Granville Island

  • Trail runs/ walks

    • Lynn Valley

  • Seawall walk

  • Mountains (Downhill Skiing, Walking, Cross Country Skiing)

    • Grouse Mountain

    • Cypress

    • Seymour


  • Bake

  • Paint

  • Vision Board

  • Play an instrument

  • Read a book

  • Organize

  • Re-arrange furniture

  • Scrapbook

  • Create a Recipe Book

  • Organize Kitchen

  • Watch a series (observe the acting)

  • Zoom/Online workouts (DM me to join the SKYFIT Fam)

  • Journal

  • Candle Making

  • Puzzles

  • Board games/ Cards

  • Colouring book

  • Knitting

  • Dance workouts

  • Facetime Dates

  • Study a new language

  • Homemade Cards

  • Watch Documentaries

  • Make Clay Items

  • Listen to audiobooks

  • Make Bracelets

  • Renovate old furniture

  • Yoga

  • Take online classes - although you’re at home it feels like you’re mingling/ exploring/ trying something new.

  • Dress up, have a themed night at home

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