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"Becoming Like God" By: Michael Berg

PROLOGUE: An Open Letter

  • This book is a letter addressed to the inmates of a prison. It’s a strange prison, because within its walls lie mountains and rivers and sunsets. It contains rare birds and rare diseases, mini-dramas, maxi-dramas, melo-dramas, and the latest dvds. The prison has no name, but over the years its inmates come up with one and it stuck. They call it life. No one gets out for good behavior, and in this facility everyone is sentenced to die.

INTRODUCTION: The Rock and The Mountain

  • At the level of the soul, humans have exactly the same essence as god. In essence humans are like god.

  • So, how did we become rocks?

  • Its called desire to receive for the self alone. It is also known as ego nature, a state virtually all of us inhabit virtually all of the time. And it is the source of all our pain and suffering.

CHAPTER 2: God Disguised as you

  • Man was created in God’s image, in God’s image man was created.

  • I don’t just measure myself against myself. I measure myself against god.

  • The great are simply those who have risen to meet their destiny.

  • My judges would say: “Where are your thousands of students?” “Where are the dozens of books you were supposed to write?”

  • So this is the measure: Where am I, not in reference to others, but in reference to myself? Where am I on the road of my own potential?

  • If our thoughts and actions are not taking us toward God, we need to change.