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Day 11 - London

Cat and I woke up and cleaned the apartment. We made our way to Five Guys for her, then tube to go to Ibos, I got some food over near his. All of the cafes here have tons of to-go food but it's actually so good! I got this avocado, cheese, chipotle wrap. Then they heat it and it's unreal. We got Ibo and Drew then headed over to the market to go for a stroll. Ibo's friends came to meet us too, we lost them for a bit when we decided to make a stop at the outdoor beer garden. It was such a nice day so perfect for it!

I got more food obviously because I literally never get full. We made a quick stop at Ibo's before we made our way to his friends that we were just with. Two brothers from Sweden. Chilled on their roof deck, had a dance party (no surprise), got some groceries and made dinner at Ibo's. Yeah we basically live at Ibo's. Leo was out all day though!! We missed him. Cat and I were absolutely knackered (lol I think I'm funny)/ tired, not even sure what knackered means. After dinner we came home and are basically asleep. I'm writing this now, going to send updated plans to some clients, post in my groups, then watch Riverdale!!! Actually the first show in 3 years that I watch.. I love it but I hate it, I love the show but I really don't love watching TV. I think we could all put our time to much better use, but I am working with myself in finding balance and allowing myself to watch a little TV. I mean its only 1 hour a week so its not the end of the world. #findbalance Ok so at like 10:30pm Cat came in and mentioned that she wanted chocolate... I always want chocolate so I agreed. We started fantasizing about a variety pack of halloween chocolate.. Everywhere was closed so that was not going to happen/ I was not ready to get out of bed... I was so warm. Cat found a frozen yogurt place that was open. I seriously debated it. I thought I probably shouldn't be eating it that late at night/ the bed was honestly so comfortable. Then I thought.. You only live once so FROYO it is. (This really cracked Cat up. Honestly I think we're an old married couple) I was up and ready then cat was like mmmmm I don't know. So we decided to call a friend for some help. Ibo said he's not a big fan of froyo but go for it. So we did, the guys working at the place probably thought we were insane. We actually don't stop laughing. Anyways that took us about half an hour to decide on what to get. So we decided on the 'massive' bucket... it was just most logical for the price. We can home and finished watching Riverdale then went to bed.. great night.

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