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Day 12 - London

Monday, Oct 30, 2017

Ok I'm writing this on Tuesday so I kind of forget. But I think we just had a chill morning, did work on our computers. I went for a run and Cat went to the gym. We got some groceries. Then booked Paris for this Thursday, a football game for today (Tuesday) and started to plan Switzerland!! (I'll fill ya in on a little secret, we're going!!!!) Could not be more excited. So we'll do that next Thursday

--- Ya you know what we had a pretty basic day, but hey we got work done and sometimes thats necessary so that we're able to continue having fun when we are having fun. You also need rest days. This was exactly what I was hoping for for this trip. Not to just go go go everyday, but to experience the London lifestyle. So yes most days are jam-packed but we also need those down days to refuel.

"Imagine what we would be like if we re-charged ourselves as much as we re-charged our phones" -Skybaby

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