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Day 13 - London

Tues, Oct 31, 2017

Woke up bright and early.. /not really. 9:15am. Quite late actually. Cat was super motivational, she went to the gym and I went for a run. Today I did a bit more of dynamic workouts/ squats and tricep dips in the park with whatever I could find (a bench), and some sprints of course!

Came back and did some stretching, made breakfast.. actually 2 breakfasts since I actually don't stop eating. Its a fine line of eating too much and not eating enough. Our bodies need fuel to function, especially if you're trying to build muscle. On the other side, it is very easy to overeat these days. Intuitive eating is very important, it is so necessary to be in tune with our bodies. If you eat the right foods it is definitely much harder to over eat. I think thats why I am able to maintain my weight and shape because I do eat a ton, although I will fill my body with fruits and veggies and healthy fats, so I am able to digest them properly.

Ok I think I left off at breakfast. Cat and I went to the mall to go to this super dope UK store.. I honestly got the best goat ever. We got amazing bubble tea, came home to eat, pre drankkkk for the football game. Then made our way. It was kind of a trek so we hoped for the best and just followed the crowd. It was an awesome game!! We were front row. Bffs with the players. I genuinely love soccer. It is for sure my favourite sport to watch and probably my favourite game to play, maybe equal to field hockey. I just love sports!! So obviously I had to go to a football game when in England.

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