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Day 14 - London

Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017

Literally could not get out of bed.

Ate breakfast, went for a run, did a little more of a workout when I got back. Did some journalling, showered, sent emails. Ate a couple more times.. Packed for Paris!! And went over to Cats gym to cancel her membership since she's only here for another month. She had a booboo on her thumb so she couldn't write so I filled out the cancelation form for me.. Such a great bf I know.

We made our way to Ibo's/Leo's for Leo's birthday!! It was a blast. I didn't drink but I'm sure everyone thought I was wasted. I swear I'm more wild when I don't drink... not sure why but maybe its when that placebo effect sort of thing when others are around you you feel drunk. So I thought why bother poisoning myself when I can act crazy either way. I always wanna have a dance party so obviously thats why I did. Cat and I also played beer pong (she drank all the cups) but we were smoked!!

We stayed till around 12:30am, then made our way home on the bus since the last tube was at 12, but we had to stay for the Happy Birthday. We had to be up at 4:30am for the flight. Anyways, we sat next to the most hilarious guys on the bus on the way home/ one was funny and the other one was just the friend, funny by association.

I don't even know what this guy was saying, I had my hood on so I couldn't hear him, so I was motioning and saying I cant hear you.

He goes WHAT!! You don't have an ear!?

I said hey what if I actually didn't!!

He says well then I woulda used sign language, so I start signing at him.

He goes WHAT!!! You want to get married?!? I mean I thought we would have had friendship bracelets first!! But ok!! If you insist.

I was just like oh my god, but genuinely laughing because he was just the funniest characters, he had one of those faces I just wanted to squish.

Cats just laughing at us and he literally throws both arms around me and gives me the biggest teddy bear hug.

I don't even know what was going on but I couldn't stop laughing.

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