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Day 15 - Paris

Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017

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Rise and Shine 4:30am. We went to sleep at 2am because it was Leos birthday last night. I for some reason woke up at 3:30am in excruciating pain. Literally I thought my appendix burst or something, but the pain wasn't in that area so I started to do some research.. Basically I was up until my alarm went off.. literally praying, since what you focus on actualizes. So I was focusing on my good health, hoping that I felt better. And soon enough (far too long) but better than never I felt better!

At 5:15am cat called an Uber, she accidentally requested an Uber pool but whatever we just went for it. It was honestly the best thing, these two hilarious venuselan guys got in. We said we we're going to Paris so one was like ahh were going to Paris?!! All of us?! Right now?! ok!! Then the Uber driver said if we covered his accommodation then he would drive us right now. There was a lot more too it but basically it was just hilarious.

We took an Uber, train to the Airport, plane, train, tube, and walked to Joelles! We made it at around noon!! She had a baguette and butter just waiting for us.. Cat and I were SO happy. We were absolutely exhausted so we rested in bed/ watched a movie. After I went for a walk around the Eiffel Tower, since it's literally a 3 minute walk. Cat was still super tired so she napped. I honestly had the best time ever. So thrilled to be here right now. I picked up some more baguettes for Joelle since we literally ate 2.. and a box of macaroons and flowers :) Funny because when I came home she actually got made at me for getting them. She's too funny.

We all just hung out for a bit, Cat and I booked our flights to Switzerland!!! SO EXCITED!!! Then we went for dinner, to this apparently amazing burger restaurant. It was great, I had a veggie quinoa patty and it was so yums. The waiter was hilarious too, he looked at me and asked what we wanted, I guess he could see the confusion in my eyes then said ... english? I laughed and ordered then said merci bouccoup and he literally loled at me. Like did I not even say that right?? So for the rest of the dinner every time he came by he literally just stared at me so then Cat, Gabriel, and Angelina just laughed.I felt so judged! Obviously Joelle bought us dinner.. man you can not compete with that person.

I painted my nails as we watched Baywatch, and wrote this. Just wanted to mention my computer is definitely getting to its time.. so if anyones reading this and feeling extra generous it would be greatly appreciated.. I mean its for work right? :)


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