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Day 17 - Paris

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Sat Nov 4, 2017

Unreal day yet again. We got up super late... like 10:30.. just did not wake up to our alarms. We we're out till 3am last night though.

I went for a run once I got up, and came home to crepes that Angelina made!! The most delicious thing. We got ready and went to meet Misha.. I decided to give myself a few layers so I went chopping at my hair. We ate some of the baguette before we left. We walked around/ made our way to The Louvre, it took about an hour. We were so exhausted because we haven't been eating proper food! Literally just bread and sugar/butter. So we got another snack, went into the Louvre, saw the Mona Lisa!! I appreciate art obviously, but I really don't understand what the big hype is all about? Why is it so famous? If anyone knows please share!! We continued to look around the Louvre, the architecture is absolutely insane!! I actually can't get over it. We made our way to Starbucks to grab a coffee because again, no proper food. That definitely helped!! I had a facebook group call with mum and tal (tal's in Thailand), tal cut out so then it was just mum and I for a solid half hour. I miss all of them! Mums literally my best friend, can't wait to come back to Paris with her. We're thinking we'll come live here for a month or so and take an art class.

After we went to the Louis Viuton Foundation. It was so cool!!! Wow I had no idea what to expect. Honestly the most stunning building ever, and inside was - I'm actually speechless right now. I'm not sure how to explain it.

We made our way to this famous macaroon shop. Misha got some, tbh I'm not a huge macaroon fan, nothing against them just a croissant fan all the way.

Ok believe it or not... we had dinner at McDonalds. I know, I can't believe it either. I literally could not believe I was eating there, I thought I would never eat there again. But Cat and Misha we're saying how apparently in Paris its like a restruant so we just had to check it out. I mean don't fret I had the Grand Veggie or something, so it was all good and honestly pretty tasty. Again with the waiters!! Not a waiter but cashier, I guess I'm just super weird and get really giddy when I start to think about food and act super weird. So again he was laughing at me/ I was also with Cat and we are the weirdest couple, he literally asked if we were a couple. Obviously we said yes.. I mean she does try to hook up with me literally everyday. What can we say Paris is the City of love.

We took the Metro home, took some pics at the Eiffel Tower since its a 3 minute walk away. We we're just talking about how great life is and how unreal this trip has been. We are so fortunate and very aware of it. Thankful for everything everyday. Obviously Joelle made me eat more when we got home. I'm so full!! No I'm in bed ready to pass out, writing this then going to watch some Riverdale.

I haven't been publishing these yet because I wanted to include the photos and so many of the photos are on Misha's computer!!

We have a great day planned for tomorrow though!! :)


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