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Day 18 - Paris

Sunday, Nov 5, 2017

Everyday is unbelievable. I mean seriously, sitting under the Eiffel tower eating pizza and drinking Rose and dancing with my friends.. I am SO fortunate. So yes you basically know are day..

We had a nice nutritious breakfast at home, eggs, avocado, tea, juice, yogurt (I'm not the biggest fan but I know there's some protein which I have definitely not been getting adequate amounts so I decided to have some) Also you know when you eat junk one day then you basically write that whole day off and eat poorly? Well.. thats basically been the last 18 days for me. Not that I've been eating only junk, but I am so strict at home with myself (besides ice cream) not that I'm forcing myself to eat healthy, I genuinely love it because I feel so good afterwards. But on this trip I have been very lenient with my diet. I am enjoying myself so it's ok, but it honestly makes me excited for when I come home to eat well/try to hit all my macros, etc. I think its ok to let yourself swing from one end to the other because then you are able to see why you're doing what you're doing. Like the past couple days, basically just eating croissants and baguettes Cat and I have just been so tired. We are also doing lots and walking everywhere, but I do believe it is mainly due to the food.

Anyways! So we had breakfast, walked over to The National Gallery of Modern Art, there were some cool pieces! They were MASSIVE. We had some tea and biscuits outside after, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. There was a marathon going on!! I was actually so happy. Running a marathon was one of my goals this year which I didn't get too. So before this trip I was looking up marathons in London so that I would be able to achieve that goal, unfortunately I didn't look up Paris!! Oh well not meant to be. It was super fun watching them all though, it makes me so happy to see people run.. I know its weird but I think maybe just seeing others runs activates the runners high in my and the endorphins start to flow....

We met Misha at the east pillar of the Eiffel Tower. As we walked around to find some bikes we all started to get pretty hungry. So we stopped hunting for bikes and started hunting for food. We got pizza, fruit, wine, a baguette, veggies... Lots of food.. and made our way under the Eiffel Tower for a Picnic. It was actually the best time ever. We were having a dance party (you all know thats my favourite) Obviously I started doing some backbends. Just as we finished it started to rain! Perfect timing. We went over to Misha's hotel and rested for a bit.

Later we went out for a walk, walked all around town. Went on the ferris wheel and came back to Joelle's for dinner. Misha was so funny, she was asking Gabriel what house he would be in (for Harry Potter) because Gabriel has Harry Potter sheets and Misha is a huge fan. She is honestly a hilarious person. The three of us have been having so much fun. We pretty much just ate and went to bed.


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