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Day 26 - London

November 27

I went to Drew's school, it took about an hour to get there. It was a small campus but super cool! Old building, classic art school; and art students. Drew showed me around, then we went for coffee at a cafe with a cute deck, it said "welcome to my shed" thought of all the boys, no wonder it was Drew's favorite coffee shop. I ended up just staying for his class, it was only an hour and a half (well that we stayed for) and it was a trek home so we just went together, and I also love making new friends so I just chatted with the other art students. We went back to his for a slit second then over to Ibos to meet Cat and Ibo. We were laughing because Cat was at Ibos all day (he was sick so he worked from home) and I went to Drews school so it was like take your kid to work day. Since Cat is a literal child. (love you tho)

At Ibos we got dinner and went to this area called the Box Park I think, its super cool. Its like a building with a bunch of little places to eat or drink, etc. It was really modern, hard to explain but very cool! Literally 1 minute away from Ibo's are like 10 mini outdoor fields with guys playing football! I frickin love soccer, actually my favourite sport to watch (probably play too much Im not 100% on that). So anyways we watched for 5 minutes then they went home and I continued to watch.. it just makes me so happy for some strange reason. NO one was watching though, it wasnt a place for people to watch, so the subs were laughing at me because I was literally just some random chick watching 5 vs 5.... Anyways definitely made my night.

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