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Day 3 - London

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As continued from last post.. We had slept over at Ibo's, come home early to say bye to Phil. I went for a run over to Big Ben, London Eye, and all around town! It's the best way to see a city; speeding through the streets, you've got your tunes on, endorphins flowing, massive smile on your face while thinking to yourself 'what is my life'. Meanwhile Cat wasn't feeling too hot so she took a nap. Once I got home, showered and ate, the boys came over and we made our way down to the water. We had stopped in a corner store and there was a jupe box which Ibo turned up all the way so we were dancing and jamming in the corner store. After we got down the water we took the tube over to Drew's to pick up Steve. Who is Steve? Steve is Ibo's pumpkin. Ok you guessed it! We carved pumpkins!!! So we stopped at a few more stores to find pumpkins for Cat,. Drew, and I. After the 3rd store we finally found some, and made our way to Ibo's. We dropped the pumpkins, and headed over to Itsu (a Japanese restaurant) but we went 30 minutes before closing because then everything is half off!!

On our way back we stopped at ANOTHER corner store, I know it was a lot of corner stores.. so we got some alcohol because our plan for the night was to eat, carve pumpkins, beer pong, then a movie. Believe it or not we did exactly that, except with a dance party after beer pong and before a movie. It was honestly the best night ever. We are all SO weird! During a dance party we did the dance to Cotten Eyed Joe, we decided that that will be the dance that we'll whip out in the streets. We also might have included some handstands (I'm sure your can guess who's idea that was). Oh obviously we forgot beer pong cups so after carving Ibo and Cat went to pick them up, I requested chocolate so they brought some back too. :) (sorry mum)

So we went back to the corner store AGAIN to get more alcohol because we were just having too much fun. Ibo has this kings hat and Santa hat, drew wore the kings hat with his clear glassed and cat wore the Santa hat. Were walking and drew was honestly SO funny, he asked these strangers if they knew how to get to Buckingham Palace. We actually all died. Then Drew and I had a high five competition to see how many we could get.. I got 25 and Drew got 35. I know I lost, but Drew could have easily got beaten up if we weren't there. He was REALLY into it.

After about 25 minutes of Cotten Eyed Joe we called it a night. We started to watch Focus, they have all seen it but I hadn't, so they all fell asleep and by then it was 2am which is WAY past my bedtime so I turned it off and we all went to bed.

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