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Day 7 - London

Man oh man a week already!!! Life goes by so fast! Thats why I suggest you plan!!! Plan something for every year, even if its just a small weekend trip; make sure to plan one! Otherwise before you know it it'll be 5 years later and you're still doing the same thing every day

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Ok so this morning I was quite tired. I had my alarm for 8 although I didn't get up till 9:45.. I know I've been sleeping pretty late here, but its because we're up late. It's good for me to learn to just go with the flow. This trip is supposed to be fun so I don't have to be strict with myself! I think that's very important to know when to let loose a little bit, balance is everything.

Cat had an appointment at 10:30, which I stayed home working on the blog from yesterday and did some reading. I love reading :) It's funny because I used to hate it, now I realize I just hadn't found the right topic yet! I really enjoy reading about personal development /the power of the mind. We are so beyond powerful it's insane; and you can never stop improving yourself.

So once Cat came home we went out and about, really just roamed the streets. We made our way to Marlybone which is an area, it's where Misha lives! We went to Le Pain cafe for lunch, it was delicious! Misha met us then we went back to hers, and made our way to the London Bridge. So fun fact the London Bridge was not the bridge I was thinking of. The classic bridge that we all think is the London Bridge (at least I did) is called the Tower Bridge! We had a blast. We walked over the bridge, around the other side, back over the London Bridge and tubed to The Shard, we met Misha's friends there for High Tea! It was great, we were on the 52nd floor. The view was amazing. It was quite the works to even get up there. The hotel in The Shard is the Shangri-la! (Missin you pappio)

After tea we came back to Cats. Met some hilarious drunk brits on the tube, they invited us to the footy game. I mean I was all for it because I love soccer but Cat thought the murdering could be saved for another night. Anyways great encounter.

Got some sush, ate dins and now this! I've got a long day tomorrow so I've got to be well rested. I am going on a tour to Stonehenge, Bath, and Windsor Castle. It leaves at 8 and returns at 8.

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