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Day 8 - Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath

All aboarrrrrd...!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!! My Padre <3 Click to watch the VLOG

6:30 - Wake up - tired but happy about it :) I love early mornings 7:15 - Left to make my way to the Victoria Coach Station 7:45 - Half an hour early for the bus. 8:15 - Started on our way to Windsor Castle 9:15 - Windsor Castle - The Queens home! We were there just a couple hours before she was coming! She stays there on the weekends then at Buckingham Palace during the week. I wish I could have taken photos, it was actually the most stunning place. It is INSANE what some of the rooms look like. I'm honestly speechless about it. It is the oldest inhabited Castle though, 900 years old. I also went into the Chapel, again so beautiful. There was a section for private prayers so I went in and said my Thank You's. I suggest your say your thank yous multiple times a day, not only to attract what you want into your life but mainly to maintain the amazing things that you already have. And when I say things I don't necessarily mean material things, I mean people and situations and a state of mind.

11:45 - Left to Stonehenge

1:30 - Stonehenge - this place is 5000 years old! There's something special about it. They say the Neolithics made it. We all know its a portal though, thats why you can't actually go in it. It was so cool to see, you do wonder how they made it.