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Day 9 - London


Dance party at breakfast as always..

Click to watch the VLOG

We had a super dope day! So we did indeed have a very intense dance party this morning. The people across from us, are in an office, and I swear they love work now because of us. We are so entertaining. We walked down to this amazing ice cream place called Milk Train. It's soft serve on cotton candy on a waffle cone. We got matcha.. it could not have been better.

Then we walking over to a museum when we saw a skyflyer ride thing. Obviously we had to go on. It was right next to the London eye, actually so fun! After that we went to the museum. Along the way I was doing some breakdancing (no biggie). If I had a hat I'm sure I would have gotten some pounds.

There were indoor swings in the museum! It was so cool, and super dope carpeting!

We pretty much went for a nice long stroll, got some food, stoped at a corner store to get some facepaint and baloons for cat for her costume.

Came home, rested for a bit then I went for a super dope run and cat went to the gym. It was sunset so everything looked stunning!!!

Whoops totally forgot to mention the party!

We got dressed up, Misha game over, Cat went all out with face paint, we went to Ibos - pre'd for Ibo's friends Halloween party then went and had a blast.

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