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Girls Trip: Kelowna, BC | 2 Nights

Aug 24, 2020

This past weekend we did a girls trip to Kelowna! It was fabulous!!


Friday Aug, 21, 2020

*overcast but still hot

7am: Chloe picked us all up in Lonsdale

7:20am: Coffee (Chai for me) @ Bean on 5th

7:30am: Drive to Kelowna

11:30am: Arrived in Kelowna at the Zed Hotel. Its great for a small group! Fun place, not super luxurious but still plenty of room for 4 girls! We didn’t have time to use any of the amenities or be in the room much so we got a place right next to the beach and 3 blocks away from the core of downtown!

12:30pm: Walked around, went to Cactus for lunch (Classic). It was great though, got some food in us before a 4pm booking at Ricco Bambito Winery!! A winery right in the core of downtown, it was sooo cute! Such an aesthetically pleasing place :)

7:30pm: Dinner at craft! (Right in the core of downtown, fun, sports bar kind of) Was also really tasty. I got the Cali bowl which I would get 100x over. Girls got Mac n Cheese which was also delicious.

10:30pm: Bed time!! We we’re all pretty tired and didn’t want to late of a night since we were up early and had a wine tasting the next day!!


Saturday, Aug 21, 2020

*Beautiful hot day!

7:30am: We set an alarm for 8:30am but all naturally woke up earlier,

8am: Got ready for wine tour

9:30am: Breakfast @ Pulp Fiction Cafe (Super cute, not the greatest food though)

10:30am: Adriene, from CareFree Wine Tours picked us up. She was the absolute cutest person ever! Had water and rice crackers for us!! She was so much fun.

11am: Kitsch, really fun atmosphere, absolutely stunning views and home!! Its basically out of the garage in a mimi castle as my grandma called it.

11:30am: St Hubertus

12:40pm: Spearhead

1:20pm: Lunch at Summerhill

3pm: Tantalus

3:40pm: Meadow Vista

4:15pm: Ancient Hills

6pm: Picnic at the park


Breaky at Bohemian Café & Catering Co. so tasty! Really nice fresh jam as well.

That was it! Short but sweet! Was a lovely trip with the girls <3

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