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Glow Girls Tanning - Sydney, Australia


So believe it or not it rains a ton in Australia!! It’s also windy and cold. They say it is know for having 4 seasons in one day.

It was nice to start off my trip with a little colour!! Glow Girls Tanning came to my place (Linda’s place) and set up the tent! It literally took 20 minutes then bamb I had a beautiful glow! It lasted for about a week, I could still see the tan line for longer than a week but the rich glow was a solid week. It also came off so evenly and slowly faded. Absolutely no spots/blotching!

The colour was actually so nice!! Even Bomb Babes Tan (from Vancouver) had said they order their solution in from Australia because it is just so much more advanced. It really is a nice, natural colour.

Contact Sandra or Olivia from Glow Girls Tanning either before, or when you arrive to Sydney to start your trip off with a glow!!


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