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Happiness Is A Choice

*Please read with a grain of salt, for mental disorders please disregard

I want to clarify that happiness is a choice. Yes sometimes there is a chemical or hormonal imbalance making it extremely difficult to choose happiness, although it takes time and effort to train your brain to move towards happiness. Yes we are put in difficult situations and we are unable to choose those situations which can cause us to feel helpless, although I strongly believe that the one thing you do have power over, is the way you react to the situations you are given. It might be hard for some people to hear this because it makes you realize that you do have control and that they don’t want to hear that they actually could have done something about the way they felt. That is not my intention, I do not intent to make people feel hurt or limited. My intention is to empower you to realize that you are no longer helpless. YOU can help yourself and in fact you’re actually the only one who can truly help yourself. Once you know of this power its like you’re invincible because you know that no matter what happens to you YOU can get through it.

I do believe that even when there is a chemical or hormonal imbalance you do have control over your emotions. It might be harder that’s for sure but there is still some control. Its like a music track, it plays the same track over and over again but only because that’s what it knows. Which unfortunately usually happens to be a negative track. Once you introduce a positive one and train it to play that when you’re put in difficult situations. It must be a conscious choice to play the positive track when needed but eventually after years of repetition that will be the go to track.

Its not our fault that we haven’t been trained from a young age that we have control over how we feel and the thoughts we allow ourselves to thing, even most of our parents still don’t believe it. But we are not just the cards we are given, we have the choice in how we want to play them. The single thing that we truly have control over are our thoughts, and I do believe that thoughts are the most powerful thing in this entire universe. Just practice it. Try it for yourself, work towards unconditional happiness. It might take a lifetime, but know that it is achievable. You simply have to set your mind to it and engage in consistence action. That action is all but just a decision to choose how you want to feel.

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