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Miami Art Week - Day 1

December 3, 2019

"Art is evolution between mind and matter." - Vic Muniz

Today was such an exciting day. We woke up a bit late since we spend over 12 hours travelling yesterday, and before that, well I hadn’t been sleeping much because we were prepping for December. So many exciting things going on for Art Vancouver!

We went to the Official Opening of Art Basel Cities Beunos Aires today. Met some amazing people, the Minister of Arts and Culture, the Mayor of Miami, and the Director of Art Basel Cities. Art Vancouver is working towards bringing Art Basel Cities to Vancouver, so this was an important event for us. It was a beautiful garden party.

Afterwards we went into the Eden Fine Art Gallery to see Alec Monopoly’s work, we just missed him painting live!

Came back to the hotel to plan our week. Taish and I are both extremely organized individuals so I really enjoy having everything planned to make sure we can optimize our time here since there are so many events / shows to attend!

In the evening we went to Morgan Stanley’s Art Miami Week Cocktail Reception. That was excellent as well. We got to meet Vic Muniz an artist from Brazil whom was a fabulous speaker. That lasted the rest of the evening.

Now we are off to bed to get rest for our ‘abundant’ day tomorrow!!

Extremely grateful to be here right now. It feels like everything we have been manifesting for the last few years is really turning into a reality.

Go Team!!




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