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Road Trip Day 1: Vancouver -> Kelowna, BC

DAY 1: July 16, 2020

Today is Sebastian and I’s one year anniversary so we decided (I decided) we’re going on a road trip to celebrate!!

We went from Vancouver to Kelowna, it was about a 5 hour drive with a few stops for coffee and the washroom. Left at 9am - arrived around 1:30pm

Checked into Delta Hotels by Marriott, it was a gorgeous space. Seb had a few auditions so he set up his self-tape gear in the room to film 2 auditions.

When we first got there we went for a walk on the Board walk to Cactus for lunch, they were so sweet brought us a little dessert to celebrate. We came back to change, then went to Quails Gate Winery. It was lovely, I booked a 5:45 wine tasting, it was about 35 minutes, we had an amazing server Andre, his team called him Dr. Dre - a sweet little french ‘Canadian’, actually taught us a lot about wine. I knew nothing before.

We were there till almost 8 o’clock on the grass drinking a bottle of wine, enjoying our special day. It was so warm out!

It was about a 20 minute ride to the winery from the hotel, $20 cab - gave ourselves 30 minutes. $15 each for the wine tasting, then the bottle of wine we liked was only $15 as well! *They gave us $10 discount from the tasting.

We went back to the hotel, then walked downtown to go for Mexican.

After got ice cream… oh my gosh it was the biggest ice cream cone I had ever had in my life!! And we ordered a “mini”. I can only imagine what large would look like…

Back to the Delta Hotel for a night.

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