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Road Trip Day 3: Banff & Canmore Helicopter

Saturday: July 18th, 2020

9am: We woke up at 9am. (Yes I schedule time in for cuddles, otherwise theres just to much to do!)

9:30am: Said hello to Robbie, coffee and a catch up. I planned a helicopter tour for Sebs 1 year present, and I was keeping it a surprise for Seb and I wanted him to see when we showed up to the place. Robbie was helping me plan the trip so I told him the only activity I had booked was the helicopter ride. I forgot to tell him it was a surprise for Seb… so when we went to said hi Robbie mentioned it and Seb just laughed because it’s not the first time someone accidentally told him what I was planning… Oh well my bad.

10:30am: Went for a run around the Banff town, was such a beautiful day

11:30am: Shower and got ready for the day!

12:15pm: Made our way into town to get some food. Stopped at a fantastic sandwich shop called SQUISH Sandwich Cellar, got the veggie sandwich!

12:45pm: Started our drive to Canmore.

1:20pm: Canmore Helicopter tours!!! It was Seb and I’s anniversary on the 16th so I booked a helicopter tour for us for his present! It was soooo fabulous. Hard to believe that was all real life <3

We did the Royal Canadian Tour - 25 mins, just about $300 each.


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