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Road Trip Day 5: Jasper -> Banff


Monday, July 20th, 2020

*TIP: Bring bug spray and sunscreen!!

9am: Woke up & packed up

10am: Checked out

-Went straight to do the Old Fort Trail - to Old Fort Point which overlooks all of Jasper, the town, resort, lakes. It was beautiful and not difficult, or that long. Just over 1.5 hours to do the whole thing. We also did the steeper, shorter trail as opposed to the whole loop.

12pm: Had lunch at the Fairmont on the balcony, it was stunning. Seb and I both had the Halumi burger which was tasty and very filling! Lots of cheese though so watch out.

12:45pm: We went on the paddle boat, which was complimentary to resort guests. It was such a stunning and hot day. The lake was cold but very nice.

1:45pm: We went for a quick dip in the lake! It was freezing but of course we loved it. It was a little more shocking to the body as when I go in the ocean I walk in so it allows my body to adjust.

2:30pm Got changed in the car and started our drive back to Banff

3pm: We stopped in the Jasper town to get coffee and lunch since we weren’t sure where the next stop to eat would be.

  • Got an Iced chai latte with oat milk from Bear’s Paw Bakery, it was very tasty, a little sweet though

3:30pm: Had lunch at Jasper Brewing Co - I had the Brewer salad, which was nice and refreshing, a little to much oil but thats ok. I have been eating tons of veggie burgers so I needed a break. I also had the cider which was great, Seb had the veggie burger and a beer which he also enjoyed.

4pm: Started our drive from Jasper town to Banff town (Rob’s place) It only took 3 hours and 15 mins, with 2-3 bathroom breaks.

7:30pm changed & showered

8:30pm: Catch up with Rob and Bobby, and headed to the park near their place to take some family photos :)

9:30pm Dinner at Balkan a Greek restaurant on Banff Ave - we both got the Falafel pita which was scumptious! I had 2 ciders and Seb had 2 beers which we’re also nice and refreshing.

10:30pm - literally ran home so the skeeters wouldn’t get us!

11pm - I had a quick bath to rinse off and Seb set up his self-tape great because he has an audition due Tuesday, and we are going to film before we drive back to Van

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