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Singapore - Day 1 - Nov.13.18

I arrived last night, it was an 8 hour flight from Sydney. I flew Singapore Airlines and it was such a comfortable flight and the vegetarian meals were great as well!

I met mum and dad at the resort, we’re staying at the Shangri-la Rosa Sentosa Resort & Spa. It’s beautiful… Singapore is so humid it’s insane. Actually don’t know how people can live here full time.

We are going to the art show on Friday, then leave for Korea on Sunday! Then I get to see Tal & Taish!!! I miss those babies to much.

Today’s Adventure

  1. Gardens By The Bay

    1. We walked around them and right as we were about to walk ON them they closed it because it was supposed to rain and they can’t let anyone on when it’s raining for safety reasons. However we will go back at night which will be beautiful because it will all be lit up!

  2. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

    1. It is MASSIVE! We went up to the top - it is $23.00, but if you flew Singapore Airlines it is 15% off. It’s crazy at the top, you can literally see everything. There are soooo many buildings here! It just keeps going with massive sky scrapers.

  3. Chinatown

    1. Had a nice lunch, some of the apartment buildings legit looked like china.

  4. Beach lounging/ Blogging/Online PT Programs

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