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Sydney Day 3 - Sept 21, 2018

I didn’t sleep much.. I slept from 11pm-12am, then again form 12:30am - 3:13am… After about 30 minutes I realized I wasn’t falling back asleep. So I did my pushups, 5 minute meditation, journal, tea, chatted with Linda. At 7:30am I went for a run, it was still a little chilly out. I ran down to Bondi, and all the way around the seawall to a beach over - going south. I worked out at the gym on the beach, not for long because I wanted to explore, but I will make a little circuit for myself and go ham :) Got home by 9:30am, made a stacked smoothie!! I think I had an apple and Peanut Butter too… Literally been having one everyday, its one of my favourite snacks. This Peanut butter is special though!! Its called FATSO Peanut Butter from WholeFoods. Its High performance peanut butter, and it has chia seeds, MCT oil, and avocado oil in it. I don’t usually like Peanut butter because it doesn’t make me feel the greatest after, but I feel totally fine after this and it tastes SO GOOD.

Packed my backpack for the beach - I brought my computer because theres free wifi at Bondi for 3 hours a day! So I like to take it down there to work, I also brought the drone, GoPro (THANKS CONNOR!!!) Connors an absolute doll and lent me his GoPro since I’ll probably use it more than him.. Didn’t argue with that one. I walked a different way to the beach since I figured you probably can’t use the drone with everyone around - I went off to the side, brought some snacks with me :)

SNACKS: Trail mix, mandarin orange, avocado, Marys gluten free crackers, protein power (I didn’t use it today but I like to keep a package on me incase I’m super hungry.) And a Swiss army knife for my avocado! I like to carry some healthy food on me because either its hard to find healthy meals or they’re super expensive and I’m trying to spend as little as possible just to be safe before I get a job/ have some for flights to Melbourne etc. IDK I’m just being cautious right now until I figure out my plan!

So I did some droning, idk why it was so difficult to get started, anyways so I flew for about 5 minutes then the battery died, I tried to get the second battery started but by then was over it.

Tash called me so was chatting with her for a bit!

Made my way down to the beach for a swim :) A lady asked me if the ocean was cold, I said not as cold as Canada. It was actually still pretty cold though because its only Spring here, but nicer than Vancouver thats for sure!! Going in the ocean in Vancouver throughout the winter has definitely prepared me for any type of water.

There are a few reasons why I love going in freezing water.

  1. Health benefits:

    1. Increases Metabolism

    2. Increase Alertness

    3. Refines Hair and Skin

    4. Improves Immunity and Circulation

    5. Stimulates Weight Loss

    6. Speeds up Muscles Soreness and Recovery

    7. Eases Stress

      1. This is so true!!! Whenever I am feeling hella stressed all I want to do is jump in the ocean. It just washes away everything that you’re feeling. I cant even explain it. It is SO therapeutic.

    8. Relieves Depression

    9. Click here for more info on the points above

  2. I remember when I was really young, I think I was in Mexico, (lol first world problems) there was no hot water, and I was taking a shower (still privileged enough to have a shower) I don’t remember the exact situation but I was taking an absolutely freezing shower and I was basically crying because I just couldn’t handle it. WELL I am aware that I am beyond privileged, and I have a burning desire to travel the world, and experience different cultures. So I understand that there probably won’t be hot water, and I will need to shower, and or spend longer periods of time in cold water. SO I know this kind of sounds a little silly, but either way, one day at a time I am preparing myself to be able to handle coldddd water for as long as needs be. And hey its only been a year and look how far I’ve come! However I do go in about once a week throughout the winter so its still a couple times a month.


I went for a dip, did some reading on the beach while I was drying off - I was reading “Audition” a book that Dot (my acting coach) had given to me just before I left. Not only will it help me with auditions but, throughout life. It made a great point that basically everything in life is an audition, job interview, date, etc.

Afterwards I went up to the benches to do some work on the computer, but it was so windy I was too cold to focus!! So I walked back up to Lindas, had a shower, smoothie, was pretty tired so I laid down for a little. It was now about 4pm. I did some computer work/ editing. Linda has been an absolute DOLL and made me a nice big avocado salad. We finished dinner around 7:30pm and to be honest I was absolutely exhausted since I had been up since 3am!! So I got ready for bed and passed out by 8pm :)


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