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Sydney Day 4 - Sept 22, 2018

I got 9 hours of sleep!!! Well just about! But I’m a happy camper because the night before I only got 3.

Woke up at 5am. Started to Journal, was supposed to have a trial client at a gym just around the corner at 6:30am, but Mark (I’m assuming the owner - it’s a small gym) said Beth cancelled so he’ll call me Monday to come in. So that should be good! Not so hard to find work :) I spent the majority of the day inside, I wanted to catch up on all my computer work before I do fun stuff. Its hard to stay indoors when its so beautiful out. I worked till about 2, during that time I researched a bit about Aus and all the places I would want to go/see. Then I did a page in my sketchbook about my intentions for being here, and what I want to get out of it etc. Basically just to give myself an idea of why I’m here and what I want to accomplish before I leave. I really hadn’t thought much about it before I left because I was just so busy at home. I said I’ll figure it out once I get here. But I’m here now! So time to figure it out. Had a nice chat with mum then went for a run. My shins are starting to hurt now because I’ve been running for so long everyday. In vancouver lately I haven’t been doing much long distance just sprinting intervals so my body is not used to it.

Today I ran down to Bondi again, brought my band so I could do some circuits at the gym area, ran to the other end of Bondi then did some stretching and core on the grass over there. Then back and up a different way so I could get to know the area! I basically visualize a map in my head, so each time I go to the beach, or whereever im going I switch up the streets just a little bit so I can build on my internal map. I like doing it when I’m running because it doesn’t take up much time - for example if I go down a dead end its really not that much extra time - so now the little gps in my head can decipher where I am and or how to get home, etc.

It was a beauty night as always, came home and booked a flight to Melbourne! Theres a sale on till the 24th so I wanted to do it asap since it was only $137 round trip to Melbourne. I am going October 16 - 22! If anyone has any suggestions on what to do/see there please share! :)

Linda made another lovely dinner - Veggie Burgers & Salad - Well it was basically a veggie burger without a bun - Patty, lettuce, avocado, mayo, ketchup, onion. Just deeeeeliscious!

Now I am trying to organize this Couchsurfing App for when I’m in Melbourne! We’ll see how that goes.

Anyways its 9pm and I’m ready for bed!!! Linda can’t get over the fact that I’m 22 and not out partying every night.. instead getting ready for bed at 8..

Sweet Dreams my loves!


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