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Sydney Day 4 - Sept 22, 2018

I got 9 hours of sleep!!! Well just about! But I’m a happy camper because the night before I only got 3.

Woke up at 5am. Started to Journal, was supposed to have a trial client at a gym just around the corner at 6:30am, but Mark (I’m assuming the owner - it’s a small gym) said Beth cancelled so he’ll call me Monday to come in. So that should be good! Not so hard to find work :) I spent the majority of the day inside, I wanted to catch up on all my computer work before I do fun stuff. Its hard to stay indoors when its so beautiful out. I worked till about 2, during that time I researched a bit about Aus and all the places I would want to go/see. Then I did a page in my sketchbook about my intentions for being here, and what I want to get out of it etc. Basically just to give myself an idea of why I’m here and what I want to accomplish before I leave. I really hadn’t thought much about it before I left because I was just so busy at home. I said I’ll figure it out once I get here. But I’m here now! So time to figure it out. Had a nice chat with mum then went for a run. My shins are starting to hurt now because I’ve been running for so long everyday. In vancouver lately I haven’t been doing much long distance just sprinting intervals so my body is not used to it.

Today I ran down to Bondi again, brought my band so I could do some circuits at the gym area, ran to the other end of Bondi then did some stretching and core on the grass over there. Then back and up a different way so I could get to know the area! I basically visualize a map in my head, so each time I go to the beach, or whereever im going I switch up the streets just a little bit so I can build on my internal map. I like doing it when I’m running because it doesn’t take up much time - for example if I go down a dead end its really not that much extra time - so now the little gps in my head can decipher where I am and or how to get home, etc.

It was a beauty night as always, came home and booked a flight to Melbourne! Theres a sale on till the 24th so I wanted to do it asap since it was only $137 round trip to Melbourne. I am going October 16 - 22! If anyone has any suggestions on what to do/see there please share! :)

Linda made another lovely dinner - Veggie Burgers & Salad - Well it was basically a veggie burger without a bun - Patty, lettuce, avocado, mayo, ketchup, onion. Just deeeeeliscious!