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Sydney - ONE MONTH ALREADY!! - Oct.28.18

Me oh my does time fly!!

So, what to update, I’ve got 2 part time jobs.

1. Fitness First Bondi Platinum

I work Monday - Friday here, on Thursdays we have development. All the Level 1’s go to Part Street FF for 2 hours - it is a 12 week program basically where we just learn more! So no complaints there because I love learning!

I love Bondi - it is such a great area to be in, and the gym is beautiful! The rest of the trainers/staff are awesome too!

FF is running a 6 week program called SQUAD - I lead the classes twice a week, Wednesday and Friday mornings which obviously I love, because I love the energy of a group! This past weekend we had a SquadSocial - so we all met at the Coogee Stairs 6:30am on Saturday then went for coffee.

2. Orange Theory Fitness Bondi

Ok so we all know I am no longer continuing here, this will be my last week. But doesn't mean I didn't love it!! The people are great, the members are great, and the workouts are killer and fun! What I did love was that I was able to learn new skills/ the operations of running a gym. We all know I have big plans for life, so this is good training.

I am only not continuing because I realized its already been over a month and I have barely seen any of Aus because I am working 6/7 days a week. So unfortunately just had to take something off my plate - and at OTF I wasn’t coaching so that was it.

3. Last but not least IFIT Bondi - this is a smaller gym a couple blocks away from Linda’s. I did a few sessions the first week, now I just go every Friday afternoon and train a group of 4 teens. Mad respect for high school PE teachers!!

I made a ton of new friends!! They’re all amazing and so similar to me!!

1.Liv Anderson <3

We met from Bumble BFF - honestly a great invention. We hit it off right away, literally started to make a meal prep business together within the first hour of knowing each other. Ok maybe 2nd hour. Then she invited me to a Wine tasting event the next day! It was soo fun, we for sure had quite a few samples :) We met a lovely kiwi couple at the event and basically stayed with them through the whole thing.

Been doing quite a few adventures together, or even just chilling and doing our own work but together (my favourite thing!) We also decided in March just before I come home to rent a car and go for a road trip up north :)

Love all the Personal trainers at FF! Went out with one group last weekend.. holy it was fun but thats why I never go out… I just get so wrecked the next day it literally wastes my ENTIRE day. But great bonding experience :)

Yesterday Nic, Ryan and I had a little chill/not so chill beach day. We played a fun card game! Basically you pull a card and depending what face and number it is, you do that many squats, burpees, pushups, sprints etc. Yes I know, its amazing other people are into that too. Then we went to Nics to take some pics for him, I can’t say exactly what they were for yet but you’ll see! Then to Milky Lane for dinner.. we feasted.

Otherwise, I would say Aus is treating me pretty well. Basically just been reflecting on my life everyday deciding where I want to go with it. Time goes by so quickly you really have to make a plan for it. Otherwise as mum says - 10 years go by and you missed the starting gun… ya I know that probably doesn't make sense, I don't remember the exact words but its from a song that she always mentions. Because if you fail