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Sydney - ONE MONTH ALREADY!! - Oct.28.18

Me oh my does time fly!!

So, what to update, I’ve got 2 part time jobs.

1. Fitness First Bondi Platinum

I work Monday - Friday here, on Thursdays we have development. All the Level 1’s go to Part Street FF for 2 hours - it is a 12 week program basically where we just learn more! So no complaints there because I love learning!

I love Bondi - it is such a great area to be in, and the gym is beautiful! The rest of the trainers/staff are awesome too!

FF is running a 6 week program called SQUAD - I lead the classes twice a week, Wednesday and Friday mornings which obviously I love, because I love the energy of a group! This past weekend we had a SquadSocial - so we all met at the Coogee Stairs 6:30am on Saturday then went for coffee.

2. Orange Theory Fitness Bondi

Ok so we all know I am no longer continuing here, this will be my last week. But doesn't mean I didn't love it!! The people are great, the members are great, and the workouts are killer and fun! What I did love was that I was able to learn new skills/ the operations of running a gym. We all know I have big plans for life, so this is good training.

I am only not continuing because I realized its already been over a month and I have barely seen any of Aus because I am working 6/7 days a week. So unfortunately just had to take something off my plate - and at OTF I wasn’t coaching so that was it.

3. Last but not least IFIT Bondi - this is a smaller gym a couple blocks away from Linda’s. I did a few sessions the first week, now I just go every Friday afternoon and train a group of 4 teens. Mad respect for high school PE teachers!!

I made a ton of new friends!! They’re all amazing and so similar to me!!

1.Liv Anderson <3

We met from Bumble BFF - honestly a great invention. We hit it off right away, literally started to make a meal prep business together within the first hour of knowing each other. Ok maybe 2nd hour. Then she invited me to a Wine tasting event the next day! It was soo fun, we for sure had quite a few samples :) We met a lovely kiwi couple at the event and basically stayed with them through the whole thing.

Been doing quite a few adventures together, or even just chilling and doing our own work but together (my favourite thing!) We also decided in March just before I come home to rent a car and go for a road trip up north :)

Love all the Personal trainers at FF! Went out with one group last weekend.. holy it was fun but thats why I never go out… I just get so wrecked the next day it literally wastes my ENTIRE day. But great bonding experience :)

Yesterday Nic, Ryan and I had a little chill/not so chill beach day. We played a fun card game! Basically you pull a card and depending what face and number it is, you do that many squats, burpees, pushups, sprints etc. Yes I know, its amazing other people are into that too. Then we went to Nics to take some pics for him, I can’t say exactly what they were for yet but you’ll see! Then to Milky Lane for dinner.. we feasted.

Otherwise, I would say Aus is treating me pretty well. Basically just been reflecting on my life everyday deciding where I want to go with it. Time goes by so quickly you really have to make a plan for it. Otherwise as mum says - 10 years go by and you missed the starting gun… ya I know that probably doesn't make sense, I don't remember the exact words but its from a song that she always mentions. Because if you fail to plan then life flys by without you doing anything. Hence why I booked this flight, it felt like it was ages away and now I feel like I’ll be home before I know it!

All I can think is just make it happen! Whatever it is! Life is so short. Seriously, so many important people have passed in my life, it’s sad to think, but I use it as motivation. Death doesn’t discriminate.. it could happen to any one of us at any given time. Live everyday like its your last!! I couldn't say this with more passion behind it.

What would you do if you only had 6 months to live?



Love you all - I am so beyond grateful for each and everyone of you in my life. Even those of you who read this and thought we were never very close, maybe just went to the same high school. You impacted my life and I am thankful for your presence.


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