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“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” -Confucius

NOV 26 & 27

Not even surprised, we arrived at the airport, mum searched up the address of our hotel to realize that it wasn’t actually booked yet. She was in contact with a lady from the Art fair who was supposed to book it but didn’t so there was a miscommunication. All was well! We’re very chill about those things, Dad’s usually a little more Plan A, Plan B, Plan C-Z. Mums very much, “ahhhhh well whatever!” It will all work out. So she booked an Air BnB while at the airport, obviously it sounded like a great place! 4 bedrooms, only $150 for 6 nights! Dad was veryyyy skeptical.

So we arrived.. and yes it was not an apartment but a hostel. We were laughing so hard because the door didn't lock, but hey! Dad had a bath in a hostel, we didn’t even stay the night, so he still has never staying in a hostel but at least he was there for a couple hours! He basically grew up in a hostel so he’s over that. We then went to the hotel that we we’re originally supposed to stay at. Which is great because it’s in the best location. Right near the train, across the street from the Art Fair which is #1 priority.

NOV 28

Went down for a little breaky.. the breakfasts are quite different here. The food in general is VERY different. They eat the entire animal. Which honestly makes me feel ill to the stomach, the smell makes me sick, also just the idea of eating animals. I do understand though I have the luxury to choose to be a vegetarian, to just have the option is huge.

We went to the Zoo, which also was not my favourite thing. It honestly feels quite wrong to be supporting that. I don’t like the idea of an animal being isolated and living in a cage… Yes it’s cool to see the animals.. but thats not reality. I think if one has the courage to go out in nature and see them then great, but they don’t come into our home. Idk just feels wrong.

I have also been quite tired here, not my usual nutrition sure takes a toll on me.

Afterwards a man gave us a ride (he said he was a cab and he did have a meter so fair enough!) Literally was driving in the other lane though! Mum had to point out the oncoming traffic…. the man just kept laughing about how he almost hit oncoming traffic… It was pretty funny though.

We went to another tourist place, went for lunch, I actually felt so sick from the smell of the meat I had to go sit around the corner on the street because I felt like puking.. We went home after for a bit, then back out to the Voted #1 tourist market in Taiwan! lol, got some good food and fruit though so I was pumped!!

NOV 29

We hired a car/ driver to take us to the Buddha Temple today!! Biggest Buddha I ever did see!! Quickly after we went to another Buddha Temple! They were both super close to each other. About a 40 minute drive away.

Came home for a little rest, did some blogging :) Then we went to Art Koawshang! Mum got invited up to take a photo with all these important people. So funny she had no idea what was going on. At least we think they were important! Had no idea what anyone was saying!

Had a nice dinner, then Taish and Tal went to the after party! Obviously this girl stayed home to do some more blogging/editing :) Not exactly the typical party girl.


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