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WHY SYDNEY? - Nov.8/29.18

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Confucius Do you ever just ask yourself questions?

I feel like my mind is a textbook and I am constantly asking it questions and looking for answers/information.

What’s my WHY - is obviously the driving questions. Why am I here. What did I come here to do? Or find out, or anything really!

People keep asking me “So why Sydney?” To be honest… I have no idea. I didn’t think twice about it. I have just always wanted to live here. It’s probably important to know that I am 1/4 Australian. My Grandmother grew up in Sydney. So I always heard about growing up in Australia, and honestly it seemed like the life. Now, I can confirm that. No disrespect to Van. I absolutely adore my life at home, and am beyond thankful for EVERYTHING about it. Friends, family, teachers, trips, school, the weather, the land.. literally everything about it.

So Why Sydney?

I had this conversation with a coworker today, and to be honest I am still not sure. It was an easy first move, same language, similar vibes, and I have a cousin over here. I feel like it didn’t actually take that much courage to go and move to Australia.. it was pretty easy. I live a comfortable life no doubt about that, I am blessed in every way so I wanted a bit of a challenge. I wanted to get out of the West Van Bubble and explore the rest of the world. I am an adventure seeker 100%. I don’t do drugs because I get enough adrenaline through life. I am literally ALWAYS High on Life. I obviously still feel the lows, but I know they’re not really lows in the grand scheme of things. EVERYONE has lows, it just depends on how you choose to perceive the situation. Realistically I have a bed to sleep in, food on the table, family that loves me, and clothes to wear. Yes I know we’ve all heard that before.. but it’s because it’s true. When I remind myself of that, it makes every moment better. I feel now I am finally able to share an experience that happened a year and a half ago. I know it happened for a reason, it was shitty, really shitty, but I knew it was necessary for me so I told myself to be thankful for it, even through the tears. I will share that in a separate blog so stay tuned. Sydney just feels like home. It’s weird to think that I had a life in Vancouver, its like everything just becomes a blur. And whats weirder is to think that in 10 years I’ll think back to that time I lived in Australia for 6 months, when now its everything. Or who knows!! Maybe I’ll come back and have a family here! Through Art Van I have realized that even the most exciting things you couldn’t have expected to happen. I have always seen my future so clearly (well not always, but the past couple years I have put a lot of time and effort into designing my life) so to not be sure what the future looks like is interesting. I have come to accept it and feel that I am in the flow.

When I first got here that was not the case. I felt like I was floating. I think I already mentioned that in a previous blog. But it was quite frustrating not knowing why I am here. Seriously like why did I just get up and move to Australia?! Idk I just felt the need to!! I guess because we had so many family members pass last year that it really hit me that life was short. Death does not discriminate, it could literally happen to anyone at anytime. Therefore - I now often ask myself, “If I only had 6 months to live what would I be doing?” Well I would move to Australia.. so that’s what I did.

Basically, if you didn't know already, I adore kids. I can’t wait to have a family. I am probably TOO ready for that stage of life.. Travel and family are all I think about. Since I want to have a family at a fairly young age, I wanted to get in my travelling before! So that’s why I am here, and that’s why I have such a sense of urgency. I want to be successful (happy and financially) well before my kids so I am able to be involved in their life and give them their best life. Hence why I was isolating myself at home, I needed to focus. I am so focused on growing and pushing my boundaries. It’s funny because being in Australia, I actually have to force myself to get out and socialize. Because I know that at this moment that is what will make me grow.

It’s sort of hard to explain it all. I know I have probably been rambling. I am very much learning to truly go with the flow. To accept where life is taking me. I know where I am headed, so it doesn’t matter exactly how I get there. That is when I need to trust the universe.


Is Sydney not one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen?! We all know by now how obsessed I am with the ocean, and nature in general. Well Sydney is on the coast… so yes it felt like the perfect place for me. The people are health conscious, everyone’s into fitness!! Or at least everyone that I have surrounded myself with, which puts me in heaven. When we go to the beach, we play fitness card games. It just makes me very happy to be doing exercise, near or in the water, and it being WARM.

I genuinely LOVE everyone that I have met so far! Work doesn’t feel like work because its just so fun to be there. Thankful for all of you Aussies <3

Why I haven’t done much travelling yet??

Well.. as most of you know I really didn’t have this trip planned. I was WAY too busy before I left to think about anything other than that present moment. All I knew was that I would figure it out once I got here (Sydney). And I know now that everything always works out for the best so all is well in the world. Yes when I arrived I finally understood why everyone was asking me if I was nervous. Before I left I really didn’t even have the chance to be nervous, when I finally got here it hit me. Holy fuck. What did I just do.. No regrets but like ok now what am I going to do for the next 6 months?! I didn’t have too much saved so I was a little nervous about travelling because I had no idea how much everything would cost me. Also, this trip wasn’t necessarily about seeing Australia, I have actually already been twice before. It was about living the life of an Aussie, meeting and making local friends, just living a different life. So now what to do?! I could blog/vlog and do online Art Vancouver work, but then how do I meet people?! So yes I got 3 jobs at 3 different gyms within the first week. Everyone seemed pretty impressed, but to be honest on the 4th day I was very disappointed in myself for not having a job yet… Idk how I got the jobs, I just walked in and asked, how else are you supposed to do it? If you’re alighted with their company then it works, if you’re not then you don’t get it.. nothing personal.

So yes. Not much thought into WHY Sydney, just except that I have always wanted to live here, so therefore.. I did.

I hope you have the courage to do whatever you dream of doing. It really isn’t as big as we make it out in our heads. When I finally arrived and got settled in I realized this trip really didn't need all the hype.. tons of people have moved away before… I am actually just being a normal person.. It also makes you realize that you can literally do whatever you want in this world, you just have to actually DO it. In the end though its not that hard!

Reach out if you have any questions about anything or everything :)

xo Lots of love always, Sky


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