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8 Benefits of Hot Yoga

First of all, I want to clarify my blogs are my opinions, no facts, no right or wrong, just what works best for me.

Some people may not vibe with yoga just like I don’t vibe with UFC.

There is something about yoga that nothing else can compare too.

It is about the mind just as much as the body, or even more. It is a moving meditation.

Hot yoga personally is my favourite for a few reasons

  1. It warms your muscles up for you

  2. You get the best sweat ever

  3. It’s the same routine every time which I love. I love to progress with specific poses because then over the years I can really compare my progress.

  4. You face the mirror - yoga is a practice between you and yourself. I personal stare into my eyes in certain poses, that is my focal point, and I talk to myself. I tell myself I can do it, and focus on my breath to get me deeper in a pose. I visualize where I want my leg to be, how high above my head (for dancers pose) etc.

  5. The music is calming. ohhhh the power of music. It can make it or break it. Music played in a yoga class doesn’t necessarily have to be what you imagine it to me. Sometimes they are more upbeat and powerful, which gets you into a ‘I can do it’ mode.

  6. It’s one hour of being on your mat, just you and you, no phones no nothing. Time to focus on your breath.

Benefits of Hot Yoga