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Jan 2022 Fitness & Nutrition routine

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Elloooo Friends!

As you know, I love abs, abs love me.

Here is my current Fitness Routine & Diet because that obviously plays a huge role in how I feel and look.



  • 5 days a week, Monday-Friday 7-8am, this week I'm doing 8-9m because my body needs more rest.

  • Stretch 15 - 20 mins, I include my handstands here, rolling & splits

  • Training: I alternate every other day

  • a) Strength (I have a 3 day split - 1. legs 2.back & bis 3.Chest & tri's)

  • I honestly do shoulders everyday's just a little because it's the most fun for me

  • b) Cardio (30 minutes usually on the treadmill or stairmaster)

  • I also include kicks (kickboxing kicks)

  • I wish my routine was a little more specific but because I know I train at least an hour a day, my training routine had become more "fun" and what I feel like doing in the moment. I have an intention for the day - eg. cardio. or back day - but I also am flexible (lol literally and figuratively) if I feel like stretching for 30 mins I will, or if I do more handstands/shoulders/calisthenics I will.

  • What is most important I would say is showing up for yourself. If you're not able to go to the gym, carve our 60 minutes for yourself, uninterrupted. And make it happen.


  • When I was training at home, I would make it super simple

  • 100 sit ups