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Leg & Core: At Home Workout Routine

Hi Babes,

Here is a leg and core workout, that can be done at home with no equipment. Not only is this a great quarantine workout, but can also be done as a travelling workout (when we’re allowed again).

Not to stress, all levels can do it! Take a rest, and grab some water whenever you need. Although make it a goal to get through the whole circuit once without a break. Try to do this 2x in a row to really feel the burn… Your legs will be hurting for days! (Hopefully)

Happy quarantining lovelies!

DM me if you have any questions! IG: @skylilah

I will get a video out of these exercises asap so you can watch as well :)



  • 15 squats

  • 10 reverse lunges (each side) **Bulgarian split squat if you have something to put your foot on, either a chair or window sill.

  • 10 Moving lunges (each side)

    • lunge forward with your left foot, then lunge backward with your left foot (thats 1) 10x, then switch sides

  • 10 Squat with Pulse

    • Squat down, hold at 90 degrees, pulse up and down (small pulse) back up to standing, (thats 1)

  • 10 lateral lunges into curtsy lunge (each side)

    • With your left foot step over to the left side, weight in your heels, then shift your weight back over to the right side and step your left foot behind you into a curtsy lunge (thats 1), repeat 10x each side

  • 10 Lateral lunge & jump (each)

    • With your left foot step over to the left side, weight in your heels, then shift your weight back over to the right side, lift your left knee up towards your chest, as your right arm lifts up and left arm goes back, if your comfortable add a hop. (thats 1) repeat 10x on each side

  • 10 glute bridge & leg raise

    • Laying on your back, bend your knees, lift your hips up (squeeze your glutes) lift your right foot and extend straight up as much as possible, pushing up through your heel, lower your right foot *keeping your hips up, lift your right foot/leg back up, drop your hips (thats 1)

  • 10 lateral leg lifts

    • Laying on your right side, lift your left leg up and down 10 times, (switch sides)

  • 10 lateral leg circles

    • (in each direction, 20 all together - then switch sides)

    • Laying on your right side, lift your left leg a few inches off the ground and make 10 circles with your foot, then switch the direction of the circle, then switch legs

~Move straight into core~


  • 30 crunches

    • (palms by sides facing up)

  • 15 side crunch (each)

    • (bend knees, keep feet off the ground, tilt to one side, crunch in the opposite direction)

  • 20 heel taps

    • (keels close to your hamstrings, reach side to side for your heels.)

  • 10 cross leg crunch (each)

    • laying on your back, extend your left leg straight down, hovering off the floor, right foot straight up, pushing up through your heel, right hand behind your head, left arm across your body on the outside of your right leg, reach up/crunch for 15, then switch sides.

  • 5 toe taps

    • laying on your back, reach your legs straight up, and arms straight up reaching for your toes, lower your legs down and arms behind you at the same time (don’t touch the floor but get as close as you can), then reach back up (thats 1)

  • 10 flutter kicks

  • 30 russian twist

  • 10s high plank

    • on your hands, keep your shoulders stacked over your wrists.

    • If possible, resting on the top of your foot, pointing your toes back. If that hurts hold a regular plank with your toes tucked under.

  • 10 Knee tucks (each)

    • In a high plank position, bring your right knee in to your chest 10 times, then switch sides.

  • 15s side plank (each side) 3 Options:

    • 1. forearm

    • 2. High plank on hand

    • 3. On hand and lifting top foot up

  • 15s forearm plank

  • 10 push ups

  • Down dog


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