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Listen to Your Body

“Do not reward yourself with food. You are not a dog.”

This morning was the first time in maybe a year that I ate eggs.

For the past couple of days I have just had a craving for eggs. Never do I crave meat or fish or anything, but I think with the amount of exercise I do, I just needed a little more protein. You can get adequate amounts of protein through a vegetarian diet, don’t be fooled and think vegetarians don’t get any protein! They get plenty!! I just train a ton if you haven’t noticed already so yeah that’s why my body needs a bit more.

When I first was about to bite into it I got a little queazy.. just the fear of eating an animal/ not having it in awhile. It was egg whites so honestly didn’t taste like much! It was quite yummy! And I felt full after my meal! Usually I just eat and eat and eat!

My point it!! Listen to your body. Before I used to be so hard on myself because my goal was to be vegan, and if I ate eggs I felt like I was taking a step backwards. But currently my body works quite well with the diet I eat, so I don’t feel a need to push myself to be vegan just for the sake of being vegan. My body’s craving eggs so I’m giving it eggs!

Also not to mention I actually cooked this morning and last night!! I made tofu and quinoa.. I know nothing special but for someone who literally never cooks its kinda a big deal. I was pretty proud of myself! I eat well! I just don’t cook, usually just eat a bunch of raw veggies and canned chick peas, or smoothies on smoothies.

I just hope you understand that everyone is different and no two people should be on the same diet. Do what works for you! We all have different goals, we all have different DNA. Don’t think you should ever eat a certain way. Ok obviously eat healthy!! And TRY different diets so at least you can compare before you judge.

Anyways happy days!! Hope everyone has a fab day.

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