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Feeling Bloated?! Sydney, Australia - 31.10.18

Time to experiment!!

I have been feeling bloated literally since I got here. Which obviously no one likes!

For awhile I just thought it was a weak core, or gluten, or dairy. Because often for me those are the triggers. Today I realized it could be peanut butter!! Now it’s time to experiment, I realized I hadn’t been eating peanut butter at home, but Almond Butter. But here you can only buy really small Almond Butters and they’re so expensive! However, health is wealth so I might have to get back on the Almonds ;)

I remember at home when I had peanut butter for the first time in along time it really hurt my gut. Although since I have been eating it here literally multiple times a day it’s hard to be observent of what the trigger is.


Honestly, our food affects us physically and mentally. Pay attention - that’s all you have to do is be aware. Play around with your diet. Even a headache can be a reaction to something we have eaten.

So join me on an elimination experiment!!

I am staying away from gluten, dairy, and peanut butter. Try these three if you want because intollerances are quite common, if not listen to your body and see what maybe you should take away from your diet!

Good luck and message me with any questions!!


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