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Another Day, Another Blog

“If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.”

– Lou Holtz

To be quite frank, it’s pretty cool that I can write stuff and people read it. They say do what you love even if no one is watching, etc. But I started writing, I guess a few years ago now, mainly about health and fitness because people would ask me the same questions so instead of retyping it all now I can share a link. Slowly the topics had branched out to travel, beauty, and since being in Aus, more personal stuff. Which sometimes is hard to write, but I believe in being honest and vulnerable with those around you.

Few things in today’s blog.

  1. Trust the Universe

  2. Speak out about your goals

Trust the Universe

It’s funny because when I was in grade 11, my Aunt took my sister and I to get our nails done. For some reason the manicurist was also a psychic.. and he told me I was going to be a writer. I laughed because I think I had a C in English.. it was literally my worst subject. I’m not sure why but writing was just so difficult for me! If you haven’t noticed I’m sure half my sentences don’t make sense (only those that know me can decipher what I’m saying/ writing because I often leave out the most important part.) And secondly spelling and grammar.. well that’s not great either. But when it comes to Birthday cards!! Man oh man I’m the master! Seriously my sister and cousin always say they tried to beat my card this year (never quite happens but it’s always a good effort ;) lol I genuinely make my cards days in advance because it takes time to glue, print pics, think of a thoughtful message,etc.

Background story: The reason why I put so much effort into my cards is: firstly because my dads mum never ever wanted a gift, all she ever wanted was a homemade card. So after years of the same boring cards I started to put some more effort into it, and that lead to pretty intense cards. Secondly, I am someone who keeps all my cards, gifts break or you grow out of them, but words are forever. So for me the card is always the first priority, then a gift. **If you’re ever wondering what to get me.. just make me a homemade card please :)

OK. Back to the writing. So yes for some reason when it comes to cards words flow to me, and I can write these beautiful messages, but essays.. oh man they literally made me cry.

I wondered why is it so hard for me to write in one situation and sooo easy in the other. Well because with one I’m writing about something that I am passionate about. I am writing out of love. I love the other person, and it’s not about me it’s about them on their special day.

So when that clicked I realized the psychic was right all those years ago. Technically now I am a writer.. I mean I have a blog and people read is so that makes me a writer right? I do have goals to write a book in the future, it will just have to be when it’s something I am passionate about.

I see all these blogs as ingredients. When I have all the ingredients, I’ll be able to make the cake! (This book that is a mystery to you and I.)

Speak Out About Your Goals

So many of us keep our goals/ wishes a secret because they think talking about them will jinx it. I think that’s a myth. The more you speak out about them you’ll realize how many people can actually help you achieve them! Your friend might know a person who knows a person, who knows a person! And hey anything helps when you’re just starting right??

At the beginning of my trip no one in Aus knew that I was also an artist. I just never really talk about it. But the few times that I have mentioned it the other person either owns a gallery or wanted a piece. How funny is that. Now I know I should have mentioned it at the beginning because now there’s not enough time for me to make something! But that just gives me a reason to come back :)

Moral of the story, have the courage to speak out about your goals because realistically people want to help you achieve them, or they’ll know a person that can help!



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