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Why I Remind Everyone That They're Going to Die.

Three years ago today was the last day I would see Allexanne. You already know the story, if you don't there are other blogs about Allexanne's death. This isn't about what I've been through but what I've learnt. Why I am the way I am now. Why I am so passionate about everyone having the best day of their life everyday of their life. I remind everyone that they could die at any moment, not to be morbid but to be real. That is the reality. When it comes it comes fast and unexpected. Sometimes not, but in my experience it did. I still process the experience because luckily now I am in a space where it doesn't completely crush me, I can contemplate it, explore it, learn from it.

Don't worry about death, worry about not living. We have a limited time here, so enjoy every fucking moment. People wonder how I'm so happy all the time, it's probably because for about 3 years so many people in my life were dying. When my sister called I would literally answer the phone with "who died?" It was kind of funny just because of how ridiculous it was. But it engrained in me that you never know what could happen and when. Experiencing that much loss in such a short amount of time just made me realize that I better have a fucking fun time while I'm here because I could be gone at any moment. However I believe fun and purpose go hand in hand.

I am so beyond grateful for this experience now because I truly feel that I don't waste my time. No matter what I'm doing I find purpose in it. I've come to realize that I actually do fear death. Not the fact that I'll die, but I fear the possibility of me dying before I've impacted and helped millions of people. This is why I'm so open, I want you to live a life of purpose. To start literally right now, to full send literally everything and anything that you do, and to have fun with it all. I take my work very seriously but I don't take myself seriously. I am aware that I am a tiny little creature on a planet floating in space, but for the time being that I am here, I am going to give 110% effort to everything that I do.

It's not too late to change the direction of your life if you're not happy. Too many people are just drifting through life with no purpose. Get your shit together, ask yourself what you were born to do, do it, have fun, and help others. Find the why behind what you're doing.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche.

Use your past as fuel. Don't be a victim, stop feeling sorry for yourself and let it light a fire in your belly to live out your best life. Wake up everyday with immense gratitude that you're alive. It is such a blessing and we forget that. I forget it, but that's why I have a habit of reminding myself daily. It's the gratitude that I'm simply alive that fuels my happiness on the daily.

Learn to be grateful for what you have, what you don't have, and what you've lost. It will change everything.

Peace and love to you little creatures of the universe.



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